Doc Swinson's Straight Whiskies are the end result of a small group of whiskey lovers that explore the world to find spirits offerings, sometimes for themselves and sometimes for others. On our adventures we occasionally come across small batches of something special, deep in a rick house. Now, we aren’t going to blow sunshine where it doesn’t belong and say that these barrels were “forgotten.” Who forgets that they have whiskey, especially multiple barrels of it?  These are barrels that often were left to age longer than intended by the maker or that didn’t quite have the flavor that the maker was going for. That doesn’t mean these barrels aren’t something special! We like to grab up these small lots of barrels as we find them and bottle these delicious whiskies to share with people who will appreciate them for what they are. After all, these whiskies will likely never resurface again, making each bottling incredibly unique.