Media Notes

We Know It’s Good… Do you?


A few Stats

9 evolving releases 

4 employees 

3 states (retails in Washington, California, Texas)

12 awards (as of September 2019)

A delicious Product

Doc’s whiskey was the result of a pretty straightforward plan:

Source good whiskey, turn it into great whiskey, and sell it at a fantastic price 

Check out our accolades page for a list of the awards we’ve received.


An Ever Evolving Brand

Our process is pretty simple:

  • Evaluate what whiskey and bourbon products are currently on the market

  • Figure out what meets internal standard of quality and flavor profile that we’re going for

  • Finish it in whatever way makes the most sense to accomplish our goals

  • Express ourselves through innovation and opportunity

Finishing Notes

A delicious product for everyone from the casual drinker to the bon vivant of brown liquid.

There are many people out there who source whiskey, and many who sell and market product as if it was their own, often at a very high price point.

Our goal is to add another level of complexity to whiskey that makes it uniquely our own, but still available to everyone and maintain a price point of $60 or less.

A quick chat with Head Blender Jesse Parker

Check-in with head blender Jesse Parker about the newest release from Doc Swinson's - sherry cask finished bourbon. These bottles are available at select Total Wine and More locations in Texas and Washington, while supplies last.


The Future of Doc’s


We all believe in the little guy…

Our plan has always been to start small, using a unique method of distribution to enable our exceptionally reasonable prices, and to be both an on and off premise retailer.

Doc’s will grow as a brand not only because of demand, but because of interest from the public and interest from influential movers and shakers.

So if you’re wondering when Doc’s will get to a location near you, be glad to know that you might be the key to make it happen. Ask your local retailers to carry Doc, get after the influencers on social media to give Doc’s a try. As the brand grows, so will the opportunities to give it a taste.

And remember, Doc’s comes out in extremely limited runs. What you get today will likely never be made the same way again - so if you see a bottle pick it up and enjoy!

- The Doc’s Team

For media inquiries, please contact or call (360) 525-3046