Madeira Cask R.1

Madeira Cask R.1

~Release N0.1~

Distilled in Indiana at the old Seagram's facility, this bourbon sat in old red brick rick houses for nearly 12 years before seeing the light again. We were rooting around trying to find some products for a client when we came across these gems. A classic mash-bill from the old distillery, we were able to purchase 12 barrels in total. We released some as single barrels (see below) and others were destined for cask finished.

~Batch Notes~

Barrels Produced: 2 | Total Bottles: 412 | Strength: 102.0 Proof

~Technical Notes~

Distillation State: Indiana | Distillation Year: 2006 | Mash-Bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley

~Tasting Notes~

grilled apricot, charred oak, vanilla, oloroso sherry, cinnamon, dark cherries, clove... peppery and complex etc.